Cairn Terrier Fun Day

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An annual event for all Cairn owners to come together and enjoy their Cairns!

Remember..The Cairn Fun Day is not just for Cairns - all dogs welcome!

Held at The Jubilee Hall, Lewknor, nr Watlington, Oxon.

Next Fun day is on

24th June 2017 from 11am

Don't miss it!!

Fun Day Thanks for 2016!
Carol & Dawn would like to thank all the people who helped at the Fun Day on 25th June, without the furniture removal team, we wouldn't have had a ring; without the kitchen assistants, there would have been no cake and tea!;
without the stand holders, nothing for sale, without the attendees, no fun
and of course without the Cairns, no day at all! Thank you very much to
everyone who helped out. See you all next year!!

A gallery of pictures from the 2016 is available on the Fun Day 2016 page, click here to have a look.

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What is Cairn Terrier Fun Day?

The Cairn Terrier Fun Day is just that and its purpose is to bring pet owners and breeders together. Held in June, it is a relaxing day in pleasant surroundings, given to provide fun and enjoyment to the Cairn Terrier and its owner, be it pet or breeder. All the days events are friendly and fun.

Graham Peers


Organised by Carol Confue

All proceeds to: The Health and Welfare of Cairn Terriers Fund

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Any of you folk with ideas or a wish to be involved in the work on the day, please contact:

Carol Confue on 01323 848977 or 


Dawn Inett on 01905 452078 or